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Nancy Boy Superstar!

I  made another JCS 2000 fanvideo...  It's crappier than my other one; the timing didn't work out exactly how I wanted it to in a few places.  But it's as good as I could make it at this point.

Set to the song "Nancy Boy" by Placebo.  I've sort of had this planned out in my head for awhile now; now that I have a new computer, I was able to actually make the fanvid.

Another Jesus Christ Superstar 2000 fanvideo, based on a love triangle between Judas/Jesus/Mary. Not great, but I'm still learning how to make fanvids; sorry. Implied Judas/Jesus, Jesus/Mary, and some Judas/Mary. A bit of humor thrown in (clips of Simon and Annas set to particular lyrics of the song), but I might be the only one who thinks it's funny, LOL. Contains slash!!!

~Click Here to View the Video on YouTube~

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JCS fandom snog

My first real attempt at making a fanvideo!!!!!

Judas won't leave Jesus alone. A slashy crack!video, inspired by the 2000 version of JCS, starring Jerome Pradon and Glenn Carter. I was going to use the song "Judas" by Lady Gaga, but the real video for that song already looks a little like JCS 2000, so I did this instead. Also, I'm new to making fanvideos, and this was a way for me to practice.

I meant this video to be funny.  Not because of the slashy elements, but because I just thought this was a funny song to use (I'm completely serious about the slash...  Judas/Jesus OTP in the 2000 version!).  To be honest, the first time I heard Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi," I thought of the "Superstar" scene in the 2000 version of Jesus Christ Superstar.

*Click here to go to the YouTube link*
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I am sooo glad i've managed to find a community to do with Jesus Christ Superstar! I have been searching everywhere!!! Lol.

Are there any other Glenn Carter fans about? I've noticed that a lot of people seem to be fans of Jerome Pradon lol, i do like him, i just like Glenn that little bit more! =P

Well, i've been a fan of Jesus Christ Superstar sinse i saw it on stage back in 2007! I fell in love with the musical i bought the soundtrack and the DVD XD ... i have to admit, i haven't seen the old version of JCS, i'm addicted to the new 2000 version. I felt so happy when i realised it was Glenn in the movie playing Jesus, i was really made up that i had seen him play Jesus live in the theatre! Lol =P

I know from my username, i don't seem like a musical fan, but trust me! I have many interests and musicals is definately one of them! =D

I'm looking forward to meeting new people here who are JCS fans ... and hopefully Glenn Carter fans =P lol

Love Emma xoxoxoxox

Hello Kelly

Never Let Me Down Again: a JCS fanfiction.

Never Let Me Down Again, a Jesus Christ Superstar fanfiction by PhantomDaae1981.

Summary: Judas and Jesus meet and speak, an unknown number of years after the events of Jesus Christ Superstar.  Jesus explains the difficult ultimatum given to him by God, leading to Judas being damned to Hell. Inspired by the 2000 movie version, starring Jerome Pradon as Judas.  Contains slash:  Judas/Jesus.

Disclaimer: I do not own Jesus Christ Superstar, nor do I own the Bible.  I also do not own the Depeche Mode song from which I took the title of this story.  This story contains a homosexual relationship between biblical persons; do not read if such ideas offend you. 


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Hello Kelly

Seeds: a Jesus Christ Superstar fanfiction.

Previously posted to Fanfiction.net .

Seeds: a Jesus Christ Superstar fanfiction, by PhantomDaae1981

Summary: Judas has started itching in my brain again! The result? Another prequel, set before my previous story, “A Sordid Kind of Thing.” Now, this oneshot stars Judas Iscariot, from ages five to twenty. What experiences shaped him into the man he eventually became? As before, my inspiration was the 2000 movie with Jerome Pradon. Contains slash!

Disclaimer: I do not own Jesus Christ Superstar, nor do I own the Bible. This story features a biblical person depicted as homosexual; do not read if such things offend you! Otherwise, please leave a review!

Judas: Age Five

I heard Mama scream, so I ran to her room.

Papa was beating her with his fists, as usual.

I couldn’t do anything to stop him, or he’d hit me with the belt again.

* * *


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Hello Kelly

"A Sordid Kind of Thing," slashy fanfic based on the 2000 version of Jesus Christ Superstar.

I posted this multi-chapter story on FFN a few months ago, but now that I am a member of LiveJournal, I thought maybe I could post it here, too, in case anyone is interested.  Alternating POV, and contains Judas/Jesus, Jesus/Mary, and Judas/Annas.

Author‘s Note and Warning:  This story contains slash, suicide, murder, angst, sexual content, and profanity. This story describes same-sex relationships between biblical persons! I do not believe these people were historically gay; instead, I am basing this fanfiction on the 2000 film remake of Jesus Christ Superstar (because Jerome Pradon is made of awesome, and there is undeniable sexual tension in JCS 2000). Flames will be ignored, but any other comments are welcome and encouraged!

~Click Here To Read~

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I'm quite happy I found this community, as I've been obsessing over this musical for months.

I am going to introduce myself with a silly macro:

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If you don't get the joke, watch this video. :D

Actually, I knew about this musical years ago, when we were discussing it in religion class as one of the modern interpretations of the Last Supper. I wasn't very interested back then, but it's a good proof that you can never judge lyrics without the music, when it comes to musicals. Also, English isn't my native language, so I didn't get all the small jokes back then, which make the lyrics brilliant. :D
A while ago, I found it on Youtube and randomly decided to watch it. I was immediately hooked!!
The acting of Jerome und Glenn is amazing, too.
Anyway, just wanted to say hello. :)
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Hi, I'm looking for a download of the Australian version of King Herod's Song. I can't remember what year it is (1992?), but it's on the very official recording. Anybody up for a YouSend?
I actually have it on my home computer. It's at home, I'm in college.
A dilemna.