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JCS 2000 Fans
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This community is for fans of the Jesus Christ Superstar 2000 video stage production to congregate and geek-out together. It can be used for general squeeing and randomness, or the posting of images, icons and fanfic. Any JCS related dicussion is great, whatever you like really, we're pretty laid back around here. ;P

The admin is me irradiatedsoup (JCS and Glenn Carter nut). So if you have an questions feel free to contact me. Otherwise, just have fun.

*Caution: This journal is for fans of JCS and the characters portrayed within, NOT the bilbely scripturey real life people. Any civilised discussion of religion is welcome, by all means, HOWEVER those of you with overly religious sensitivities should keep an open mind when entering this community, or else just leave it and it's members alone. Thanks :D